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Summer 2010, Guitar Students Graduation Concert

Guitar Lessons-Graduation Concert

My goals as a guitar teacher:

- to make each guitar lesson an interesting and unforgettable journey;
- to combine fun and serious Art together;
- to present the best guitar teaching ideas from around the world;
- to introduce a student to the different styles and genres;

My methods are based on each child’s individuality. My guitar lessons are creative, effective and productive. I was very lucky to learn from the best teachers in the world and I have so much to share with my students.

Music makes children more responsible, intelligent and happy.

Clients Say

Alina has an excellent communications skills in teaching the guitar. She effectively scheduled and managed all her students.

You were a wonderful teacher and inspiration to my boys, and I know it will be a difficult transition to a new teacher. But you are the one who gave them their start, and gave them such a good foundation on which to build.


Danza in E minor by J. Morel

Fantasia Original by J. Vinaz